General Info

COBRA, or The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, requires group plans to offer the option to continue the same health benefits that the employee and/or dependents received while eligible. In other words, COBRA is your opportunity to continue your SVUSD benefits past their termination date for a limited time at a higher cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Offered COBRA?

Any participant in health benefits who experiences a loss of coverage for any reason such as an employee who resigns, a dependent who reaches maximum age for coverage, an employee who retires and has attained the age of 65, etc. Please note, benefitted employees who terminate employment during the month of June will have coverage through August 31.

How to receive information

Once the Benefits Department receives information related to your qualifying event for loss of coverage, eligible employees or dependents will automatically be mailed COBRA information to the address listed on file. Employees who terminate in June or July can expect to receive their COBRA notification by early August.

Is COBRA the Same Insurance I Had as an Active Employee?

Yes, you are purchasing the exact same insurance, including copays and coinsurance. However, the premium is the full cost of coverage in addition to a 2% administrative fee. Coverages are individually priced and may be selected as such (i.e. health only, dental and vision only, etc.)

When will my active insurance be canceled?

Coverage for enrolled employees and/or dependents will terminate at the end of the month following loss of eligibility (i.e. resignation, overage dependent, etc.) For benefitted employees who lose eligibility during June, July, or August, benefits will terminate August 31.

What do I need to do to reinstate my coverage through COBRA?

Individuals who wish to enroll will need to complete the Election Notification (sent via mail) by the deadline indicated and mail in payment by the deadline indicated. Please note, your insurance will NOT be reinstated until payment is received. Failure to pay COBRA premiums for the following months will result in the immediate cancelation of coverage without the opportunity for re-instatement.

Will you send me confirmation that my benefits have been reinstated?

The Benefits Department does not send confirmation of re-instatement by default. However, you may request confirmation when you provide payment and a notice verifying coverage will be mailed to you.

How much does COBRA cost?

Participants pay 102% of the total cost of active employee rates. 2018 rates are listed below. Please be advised participants are only eligible for those benefits in which they were enrolled in while on the District's active or retiree plans. Additionally, participants are not required to enroll in all benefits they are eligible for, but may pick and choose (i.e. enroll in dental and vision but not medical).

Coverage TypeMonthly Cost - 1 personMonthly Cost - 2 peopleMonthly Cost - family
PPO Medical with Optum Mental Health$967.58$1887.08$2842.92
HMO Medical with Optum Mental Health$732.94$1410.22$2087.50
HMO Part-Time with Optum Mental Health$858.33$1660.99$2463.70
Trio Medical with Optum Mental-Health$599.44$1143.24$1687.06
Trio Part-Time Medical with Optum Mental Health$700.12$1344.57$1989.07
Dental $70.30$137.07$184.86

Where do I make my COBRA payment?

You may drop off or mail your payment to:

Attn: Benefits Department

25631 Peter A. Hartman Way

Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Please indicate the name of the covered individual on payment. Unfortunately, SVUSD is unable to accept payment by cash or credit card.

When is my COBRA payment due?

Payment is due on the 1st of each month, and you are granted a 30 day grace period. Please be advised that if payment is not received by the Benefits Department by the last day of your grace period, your coverage will be terminated without the opportunity for reinstatement. Only payment in the correct amount is considered received by the Department; over or under payments will be returned to you. No monthly payment reminders will be provided to COBRA participants.

Are electronic payments available?

SVUSD does not have an electronic payment system. However, you may enroll in "Automatic Bill Pay" with your banking institution, which will allow them to issue a check to SVUSD on your behalf. When enrolling, please set up SVUSD as a vendor using the following information:

Payee Name: SVUSD

Address 1: Benefits Department

Address 2: 25631 Peter A. Hartman Way

City: Mission Viejo

State: California

ZIP: 92691

Phone: 949-580-3424

Account Number on Bill: COBRA Payment

Account Holder's Name: Your Name

How long is coverage?

Coverage is up to 18 months for end of employment, reduction in hours, removal of dependent, and over-age retiree. Coverage is up to 36 months for employee death, divorce, legal separation, or over age dependent. You are NOT required to enroll for the total time eligible.

When can I make a change to my COBRA election?

Changes may be made when a Qualifying Event has occurred (i.e. birth, marriage, death, etc.) or during the annual Open Enrollment period held in the fall of each year.