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Bus Passes

2019-2020 School Year

Saddleback Valley Unified School District offers limited busing to specific school sites. Under the Schools That Offer Busing heading below, see the School Information tab to learn more.

The annual bus pass sales window is now closed. If you are still interested in applying for a bus pass, you may submit an application by clicking here and your student’s name will be added to a Wait List. If a space is available or becomes available you will be notified by email. The Transportation Department will do its best to accommodate your student, unfortunately there is limited bus seating capacity available.

Additional information about applying for a bus pass can be found below under the Bus Pass Instructions and Application heading.  Please review the instructions and Bus Rules and Guidelines  prior to completing your application. Payment is not required at time of application; payment is required when your application is approved. The approval email will include instructions for payment. Payment for passes will not be prorated. There are no bus passes being issued this year; once approved, your student’s name will be added to the bus list provided to the driver.

If you are applying for a Free or Reduced Fare bus pass, the eligibility guidelines are provided below under Eligibility Guidelines for Free or Reduced. You must email your proof of eligibility to when you apply for your bus pass.

Application assistance for parents of Linda Vista and San Joaquin Elementary is available from the school site. Please contact your school directly. 

If you have any questions please email


Schools That Offer Busing

School Information

Limited busing to/from these schools from designated stops:

  • Linda Vista Elementary School
  • San Joaquin Elementary School
  • La Paz Intermediate School
  • Rancho Santa Margarita Intermediate School
  • Mission Viejo High School

Bus pass sales for the 2019-2020 school year begin June 3, 2019 through July 5, 2019. 

If you miss the bus pass sales period, for Linda Vista Elementary and San Joaquin Elementary, please contact the office staff at your school after August 12, 2019.

For all other schools please submit an online bus pass application to be added to the wait list.

Note: Please remember buses may appear to have space available even when all seats have been purchased. Not all riders who purchase bus passes choose to ride the bus daily to/from school based on appointments, absences, and other activities. 

General Information

Who is eligible for busing?

Bus Pass Costs

Bus Pass Costs 2019-2020

Annual Regular Bus Pass: $460.00 per Student[1]

Reduced Fare (if eligible): $230.00 per Student[2]

[1] Bus pass cost is per student.  There is no multiple students discount available.

[2] To qualify for a Free or Reduced Fare bus pass, families must be income eligible. Families applying for a Free or Reduced Fare pass must submit a letter from the SVUSD Food Services Department for the 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 school year, as proof of eligibility for Free or Reduced services. If you do not have a copy of this letter, a copy may be obtained by emailing

  • All bus pass purchases are final and non-refundable
  • There is no bus pass office or staff available for walk-ins.
  • All services are provided through the website and e-mail only.
  • The district receptionist has no bus pass information and cannot accept applications.
  • Pick up and drop off locations are based on your student’s home address listed on your student’s school file. Students can only get on/off the bus at their assigned stop.
  • Students must be at the bus stop five minutes before published pick up time, but not more than 10 minutes prior to the published pick up time.
  • When the driver arrives at the stop, the bus will be loaded with the waiting students and then proceed to the next stop.
  • Transportation does not need to be notified if your student is absent.
  • Questions can be e-mailed to


Bus Schedules

Bus Pass Instructions and Application


The following information is REQUIRED in order for you to complete a bus pass application:

  • Student ID number for each student requesting a bus pass. Contact your child’s school site if you do not know his/her Student ID number.
  • Valid e-mail address. We will be communicating with you through e-mail so you need to have a current, valid e-mail address.
  • Bus stop information. You will be asked to select a bus stop location for each student.  If you do not know your assigned bus stop location, please refer to the Who is eligible for busing? tab above. Click on your child’s school to view the list of bus stop assignments based on address.
  • If you are applying for a Free or Reduced Fare bus pass, you must submit a copy of your letter from the SVUSD Food Services Department for the 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 school year, qualifying your student for free or reduced nutrition services. Please email the letter to If you do not have a copy of this letter, please contact Food Services, at

Annual bus pass sales begin June 3, 2019 and end July 5, 2019.



Click here to complete the Online Bus Pass Application

Bus Rules and Guidelines

Rules of Conduct

  • Follow the same conduct as expected in the classroom.
  • Be courteous; no profane language.
  • No eating, drinking or chewing gum on the bus.
  • Keep the bus clean; do not be destructive.
  • Cooperate with the bus driver; the driver is authorized to assign seats.
  • No smoking or flammable materials are allowed on the bus.
  • Passengers should remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.  No standing while the bus is in motion.
  • Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus.
  • No glass containers, animals or medication are allowed on the bus.
  • The use of radios or other audio/video equipment which may interfere with driver concentration are not permitted while riding the bus.
  • Refrain from loud conversation, singing, or whistling.

Walking To and From Bus Stop

  • Walk with a buddy or a group.
  • Walk on main streets where there are likely to be other people.
  • Avoid strangers.
  • Use your district assigned bus stop to get on and off of the school bus.
  • Never accept food or gifts from strangers.
  • Make sure to let your parents know where you are.
  • When crossing a street, cross only in marked crosswalks.
  • Walk away from any stray animals you see.  Don’t run or show that you are afraid.
  • Arrive 5 minutes early to the bus stop.
  • Students arriving late who need to cross the street to get to the bus must wait for the assistance of the driver before crossing.

Bus Loading Area

  • Be considerate of the property/surrounding area at your bus stop/boarding area.
  • Line up in an orderly manner in preparation for boarding the bus.
  • Live animals, (caged or otherwise) with the exception of guide dogs, are not permitted on a school bus.
  • All food and/or beverages must be finished, put away, or discarded prior to boarding the bus.
  • Bulky items or articles considered hazardous to passengers in the event of sudden stops or accidents, shall not be transported or carried by passengers

Boarding or Exiting the Bus

  • Arrive at the bus stop ahead of time.  Wait on the sidewalk.  STAY OUT OF THE ROAD.
  • Board and exit the bus one at a time.  No crowding or pushing.  Hold onto the handrail.
  • Take seats quietly. 
  • Students shall not leave their seats until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Never run after the bus.  If you miss the bus, return home or to the school office.
  • Do not cross in front of the bus without being assisted by the driver (See “Escorted Red Light Crossing Instructions” below).
  • Never walk close to the front of the bus; allow at least ten steps in between you and the front of the bus.

Escorted “Red Light Crossing” Instructions

“Red Light Crossings” are required whenever a student must cross the street to load or unload the bus, in order for the student(s) to get to his/her home or destination.

  • If you must cross the street, do so with the ASSISTANCE OF THE DRIVER.
  • Exit the bus after the driver, then STOP and wait for the driver’s instructions.
  • Cross only when the driver tells you to do so.
  • Cross in front of the bus with the driver and go directly to the sidewalk.
  • NEVER cross the street behind the bus.
  • In addition to the escorted “Red Light Crossings” that are noted on the driver’s route sheet, each driver will ask the students at each stop if any of them must cross the street to get to their home or destination.

Discipline Policy

Pupils transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of, and responsible directly to, the driver of the bus; and the driver shall be held responsible for the orderly conduct of the pupils while they are on the bus or being escorted across a street, highway, or road.  Continued disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to submit to the authority of the driver shall be sufficient reason for a pupil to be denied transportation.  The bus driver shall not require any pupil to leave the bus en route between home and school or other destination.  (California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Education, Section 14103)

When a passenger is in violation of rules of conduct, he/she may be reported to the school principal, or his/her designee, by means of a “School Bus Conduct Report,” to be given to the parent/guardian and:

  1. First Violation: The rider and his/her parent or guardian will be contacted by the principal, or his/her designee, and a conference arranged.
  2. Second Violation: The passenger may be denied district transportation services for a period of three days.
  3. Third Violation: The passenger may be denied district transportation services for a period of two weeks.
  4. Fourth Violation: The passenger may be denied district transportation services for the remainder of the school year.

Threats of bodily harm, acts of extreme violence, or any behavior that is a danger to self or others may be cause for immediate denial of district transportation services.

The principal of each school, along with the SVUSD Transportation Department, shall be responsible for policy enforcement. The Superintendent may review any or all violations for final recommendation, if necessary.

We need your assistance to ensure the safety of our students.

Please note the following:

  • When you notice a school bus with red lights flashing, do not pass the bus. 
  • Cars may not pass buses on the street or in the school parking lot if the red lights are flashing.  Please keep this in mind when picking up or dropping off your student(s).
  • California Law requires that all vehicular traffic traveling in both directions stop when the “flashing red lights” are activated.  Traffic may not pass the bus in either direction until the “flashing lights” have been turned off.
  • At dismissal time, the bus drivers are directed to keep the flashing lights on until all students are on the bus.  Do not pass the bus if the lights are flashing.

Bus Rules and Guidelines (printable)

Eligibility Guidelines for Free or Reduced

SVUSD follows the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Income Eligibility Guidelines used for determining free or reduced-price meals.  If you qualify under these guidelines you are eligible for free or reduced transportation. To view the income eligibility guidelines for the 2019-2020 school year click the link below:

To establish eligibility for a Free or Reduced Fare bus pass, in addition to completing the online bus pass application, you must submit one of the following:

  • A copy of your letter from the SVUSD Food Services Department for the 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 school year, qualifying your student for free or reduced nutrition services.  If you do not have a copy of this letter, please email to request one.
  • CalFresh – A copy of CalFresh Certification Notice that shows dates of certification or a letter from CalFresh that shows dates of certification.
  • A copy of 2018 Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040 (page 1 of tax return ONLY) for EACH wage earner in the household. Copy of dependent listing if required with tax return.

Please email your document(s) to If you need assistance, your school’s office may be able to send copies of your documents to Transportation through District mail.  Please provide your own photocopies.