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Esperanza Education Center - Facility Needs Assessment and Plan

About Esperanza


Esperanza Education Center is located in the city of Mission Viejo. The center opened its doors in 1973. Esperanza Education Center provides a diverse educational program for students high school age to adulthood. They offer a site-based instructional program that incorporates functional academics, world concepts, art, music, physical education, independent living, and vocational skills. They also offer a community-based instructional program that focuses on employment skills, vocational training, social and emotional growth, daily living skills, and mobility training that promotes each individual’s growth toward an independent life.


Some Improvements Identified

Facility Improvement Plan

School Site Meetings and Notes

The Master Planners met with Esperanza's administration, teachers, parents and students to identify the school's facilities needs. An evaluation of the site was also performed by the architects and engineers. Listed below are the notes and meeting dates that have been held at Esperanza so far.

School Site Facility Master Plan