Alternative Schools

SVUSD Virtual Academy

General Information

  • Grades K-12
  • Space is limited
  • Flexible online education
  • K-8 is located at Melinda Heights Elementary
  • 9-12 is located at Silverado High School

Flexibility and Personalization

The content is organized to allow for students to learn anytime, at their own pace while teachers utilize the tools of technology to provide specific support to meet the unique students’ needs. This flexibility allows students to pursue other interests and activities.

Blended Learning

While curriculum is organized virtually to maximize personalization and flexibility, students are afforded unique opportunities to work with their teachers and peers in face to face environment to maximize student learn-ing and engagement.

High Standards of SVUSD

All teachers are highly-qualified, credentialed, SVUSD teachers.
There is no tuition to enroll.

Support for Parents

Parent involvement is a key component to the success of our
students. We provide many ways for you to be involved in your child's
education and offer support necessary for you to serve as an effective learning coach.

Engaging and Student Centered Curriculum

Using the tools of technology, teachers integrate the curriculum to create authentic learning experiences to strengthen students’ academic and so-cial-emotional intelligences.

Silverado High School

Silverado High School is for students who are credit deficient and in grades 9-12. In order to transfer to Silverado, please contact your high school counselor to discuss your options.

Mira Monte Independent Study

Mira Monte High School is designed for students who are motivated to work independently.

Orange County Department of Education Programs

Grades 7-12:

If you are interested in a transfer/referral to the Orange County Department of Education's (OCDE) ACCESS or Pacific Coast High School program please contact your school counselor at your resident school. Your school's counselor and administrative team will determine if a referral is necessary for your student. If your student receives services through an IEP please contact your IEP Team to initiate the process.

Grades K-6:

If you are interested in OCDE's Community Home Education Program (CHEP) please contact Student Services to inquire about the referral needed. If your student receives services through an IEP please contact your IEP Team to initiate the process.

If you would like more information regarding one of the Orange County Department of Education's programs please click here ACCESS/PCHS and CHEP.