Saddleback Valley Unified School District

Saddleback Mountains overlooking RSM Lake

History/Social Science

Mission Statement

SVUSD students will develop the readiness for college, careers, and civic life by the time they graduate from high school and attain the following capacities:

  • Use discipline specific tools/concepts to deepen content knowledge, student critical thinking and deepen literacy
  • Develop questions to promote inquiry
  • Select evidence by gathering, evaluating evidence to support a claim
  • Share learning and take action to communicate conclusions and take informed action

The 4 Key Shifts of Student Learning: Content, Inquiry, Literacy, Citizenship

History/Social Science Courses

  • World History
  • World History Two-Way Immersion
  • World History Honors/IB/MUN
  • World History AP
  • European History AP
  • US History
  • US History Honors/ MUN
  • US History AP
  • History of the Americas HL2
  • Civics/American Government
  • Civics/American Government MedSci
  • Civics/American Government Honors
  • US Government Politics AP
  • Economics
  • Economics MedSci
  • Agriculture Economics
  • Macroeconomics AP
  • Psychology 1A
  • Psychology 1B
  • Psychology 1
  • Psychology SL
  • Psychology HL2
  • Psychology AP
  • Cultural Geography/ Hi History
  • Globalization/ International Relations 2WyIM
  • Globalization/ International Relations Honors
  • Globalization/ International Relations Honors/MUN
  • Cultural Geography H/MUN
  • Human Geography AP
  • International Relations Honors/ MUN
  • Contemporary World Issues Honors

Secondary Humanities and Literacy


Katie Branley, District Coordinator

Gina Castillo, Secretary
T: (949) 580-3711