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Language Acquisition

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  • Phone: (949) 580-3347
  • FAX: (949) 580-3440

The Language Acquisition Department recognizes and appreciates the diversity that all students and their families bring and are devoted to developing an atmosphere that is culturally aware and culturally competent. We believe a diverse student population and staff enriches the learning experience and creates an environment in which all students can learn and succeed.

The Language Acquisition Department is dedicated to serving the needs of language learners by ensuring consistently implemented programs and services designed to meet their linguistic and academic needs. We promote first best instruction and high quality programs in language acquisition that ensure students obtain full proficiency in English or another language as rapidly and effectively as possible.

We encourage and support school communities to apply innovative teaching and learning opportunities in order to best serve the needs of Pre-K through twelve language learners and their families including those in the Two Way Immersion Program.