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Health/Physical Education (PE)

Physical education contributes significantly to every student’s health and well-being. Physical education is an instructional priority for SVUSD schools. Every student—regardless of disability, ethnicity, gender, native language, race, religion, or sexual orientation—is entitled to a high-quality physical education program. Physical education is an integral part of the overall education program for every student and provides one of the few opportunities for every student to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to lead a physically active lifestyle.

In the SVUSD, TK-6 grade students receive Physical Education from their classroom teacher. In addition to classroom instruction, SVUSD students in grades 4-6 receive Physical Education instruction with a district PE specialist. Students in 5th grade participate in the Physical Fitness Testing per State requirements.

Please contact your child's school for their specific PE schedule.

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Health/Physical Education Contact

Alison Couch

District Coordinator, TK-6 Humanities/Literacy


Sophia Maghy

(949) 580-3238