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Work Permit

Summer Work Permit Process During COVID 19 School Closures

SVUSD will still be processing regular California Work Permits during the summer months.  CDE Form B1-1 must be completed by the student, parent/guardian, and employer prior to a work permit being processed and issued. Work Permits need to be processed by your school site.  Each site has different hours and/or are handling Work Permits remotely.  Please click on your school site below to see how they are processing Work Permits and what steps need to be taken.  SVUSD does not process Entertainment Work Permits during the summer months.  PLEASE NOTE: All Work Permits processed during the summer expire on 8/22/2020.  You will need to have a new Work Permit processed if your student will be working after 8/22/2020.  For any questions, regarding Work Permits, please reach out to Lisa Carrillo at or by phone at 949-580-3268.

Summer Work Permit Information