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Set Aquatics

Swimming : El Toro High School

Policies and Procedures

Parent Supervision – All parents are responsible for the supervision of their children. They must stay throughout the duration of the lesson and/or training.

Parent Check in – Parents must sign in each day before their student may enter the pool.

Make-up Swim Lessons – Make-up lessons are only performed if the pool is shut down for maintenance or inclement weather. Make-up lessons may be available for a fee. Check with the on-deck supervisor for availability.

Pool Closure Policy – If the pool is closed, a make-up lesson will be performed. No refunds will be given. Check with the on-deck supervisor for availability.

Water Diapers (Swim Lessons) – In order to prevent pool closures, swimmers who are not yet potty-trained must wear a plastic, non-disposable swim diaper.

Late Pick-up: Parents who pick up their athlete late will be charged a $10 fee per occurrence

Water Polo: El Toro High School

How do I know which group to sign up for?

Please sign your athlete up for the program that best matches the requirements below. We have structured the program so we can move athletes between levels at anytime based on skill level.


How do I know when they are ready for Age Group Water Polo?

The SET coaching staff will let you know when your athlete is ready as far as their fundamental skills are concerned. The tough part is whether they are ready to commit to training on a daily basis. This happens at different ages for different athletes.

What is the key to water polo? Why the progression has consistently been successful?

Players are introduced to the sport at an early age with Splash Ball and as they mature and develop progress to Intro to Water Polo and Junior Water Polo. As athletes progress through each of the water polo development programs the key fundamentals and skills are continuously reinforced and developed. When the athlete has achieved a proficient understanding of the basics skills of water polo, they move into Age Group Water Polo. In Age Group Water athletes continue to refine the fundamentals of the sport and master basic strategy, and through attention to detail and discipline learn what it takes to be successful as an athlete. This coaching philosophy builds the foundation necessary to enter into the High School ranks as a varsity player, which in turn lays the ground work to reach their full athletic potential at the next level be it Division I, II, or III water polo. SET WPC has sent 125+ athletes on various levels of scholarship to the top schools in the country. Get your athlete started TODAY! The earlier you introduce your athlete to water polo the greater chances your athlete will have success.

What do I need to do as a parent to make my athlete successful?

Be an encouraging parent, lets coaches coach and cheer and clap loud. Lift your athlete up when they lose and encourage them every day to dream BIG!


Coach Tim

Phone: 949-923-7981

Water Polo

Bradley Schumacher- 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist


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