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Power Aquatics

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Power Aquatics was formed in 2012 as an organization to promote the sport of swimming and water polo to pre-high school children. Power Aquatics' purpose is to provide basic water polo training in the Mission Viejo area and prepare athletes for high school athletics. Our athletes excel due to our club philosophy in three areas: small class sizes, coaches in the water teaching skills, and a fun/recreational environment.

Swim Classes

Introduction to Swimming: Ages 3 and up

A five-week program that will teach water safety, how to be comfortable in the water, and the basics of freestyle and backstroke. This program will be held next to a wall in 3 ft. deep water. No prior swimming experience is necessary.

Bronze Level

Bronze Level swimmers are a combination of our youngest athletes and new members just learning how to swim. This group learns in a fun environment, with coaches in the water to assist as students break down the basics of the four strokes. Although students are next to the wall and in 3 ft. deep water, they must be able to swim a 1/4 lap by themselves.

Silver Level

Swimmers have a sound understanding of technique and work to master the fundamental aspects of each stroke: butterfly, back stroke, breaststroke and freestyle. This group would be considered "intermediate" level swimming. Athletes are able to do multiple laps of each stroke. In addition to stroke technique, students learn how to do proper starts and turns.

*Silver group may participate in a 15 minute optional dry-land practice where they will use resistance bands and perform exercises to strengthen their swim skills. Please have swimmers wear tennis shoes.

Gold Level

Having mastered the four strokes, most swimmers in the Gold group are registered under the USA swimming organization. In the USA swim meets, our gold group swimmers have earned "blue" timers and/or Junior Olympic time standards. In addition to stroke refinement, the group focuses on building endurance, strength and conditioning. Although this is our most prestigious group and our athletes are committed to excellence, practices are fun and run in recreational environment, whether athletes swim for personal enjoyment or to swim at a national level.

Swimmers are placed in groups according to speed and ability

These are basic descriptions of our groups. The swimmers will be assessed on the first day of practice and placed into their proper level.

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Water Polo

Splashball: Ages 6-9

This fun water polo class is a great way to introduce your child to the sport of water polo. Splashball is conducted entirely in the shadow and of the pool. Over the five-week course, children are challenged to learn how to egg beater and master the basic skills such as passing and shooting. Children must be water safe and able to swim the length of the pool.

Introductory Water Polo: Ages 6 and up

Power Aquatics is open to everyone regardless of skill level. We feel that starting players will develop faster in a clinic-type setting with more focused attention to individual development. INtroductory practices are held in both the shallow and deep ends of the pool to provide a fun and safe environment. This group focuses on learning to eggbeater, pass, shoot and basic skills/rules of the game. When athletes have mastered a certain skill, they combine with the youth level in controlled scrimmages during practice. Players who have developed te basic skills set, will be invited to continue their development at the youth level.

Youth Water Polo: 8th Grade and Under

Youth level players work to perfect the fundamentals of the game. More advanced techniques and skills are introduced during our clinic-style practices. As these players prepare for high school, they will have a scheduled practice times and monthly scrimmages against other clubs in the area. Swimmers are placed in groups depending on speed and skill.