Special Education Transportation

Special Education transportation will be based upon a student’s I.E.P. team recommendation. This includes the mode of transportation; i.e., special education or regular education bus.

If you have questions please contact your school site directly. Request for changes in Special Education transportation must go through your student’s teacher or the school psychologist. Your student’s teacher or school psychologist will complete a transportation request form and submit it to the Special Education department for approval. Special Education will review and approve or deny the request.

All approved request will be sent to the transportation department to put into effect within 10 business days after being received from the Special Education department. You will be contacted by transportation informing you the date the change will be in effect. Special request such as requiring an Aide or special equipment may take longer to process. All changes to transportation including but not limited to adult must meet or new pick up or drop off require 10 days to process and a new transportation form will need to be completed by your student school transportation cannot make any changes in your transportation without the paperwork being submitted and approved by Special Education. Do not contact transportation directly to make a change to your students transportation. They will redirect you to your school to complete the paperwork and get approval.

Parents, please notify the transportation department if your Special Education student will be absent by calling (949) 580-3299.