What We Do


Office of the Chief Technology Officer

The Office of the CTO plans high-level, long-term organizational goals, strategic direction, performance management and process management, as well as addressing day-to-day operational concerns like resource management, operational planning and strategy alignment. The Office of the CTO also oversees privacy, communications and digital services.

Architecture & Security

Client Services

Computer Service Center

Educational Technology

The Educational Technology team works to provide support for teachers as they integrate technology into their curriculum and instruction. Three Teachers on Special Assignment (Jen Anderson, Kathleen Shafer, and Amanda Taylor) develop and deliver professional learning workshops as well as one-on-one coaching with teachers in their classes. Areas of emphasis include blended learning models, electronic portfolios for students, innovative instructional strategies, formative assessment tools, professional learning networks, digital citizenship and culture, and tools for student creativity, among others. For more information about SVUSD Educational Technology, contact Instructional Technology Coordinator Kevin Fairchild.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications team creates custom web applications and reports to support SVUSD's daily operations. Team focuses on best practices for code development, integration and maintenance. In addition, they assists in data analysis, evaluations and implementation of new and existing systems.

Infrastructure and Operations

Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) manages the ITS data centers and provides around-the-clock support for ITS business computing activities. I&O also supports the infrastructure for the campus desktop computers and maintains the infrastructure for the operating systems for non-research ITS servers and for disaster recovery and business continuity activities for ITS.

Technology Services Support

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