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La Tierra Early Childhood Center - Facility Needs Assessment and Plan

About La Tierra

Since 1999, the La Tierra Early Childhood Center (La Tierra ECC) has been proudly serving preschool aged children with special needs who have met special education eligibility criteria under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). At La Tierra ECC, in collaboration with members of the school community, they strive to provide purposeful, developmentally appropriate, quality education within a nurturing environment. They believe that school should be a safe, yet fun place where trained, caring professionals provide instruction that is meaningful, practical, and leads all students to reach their fullest potential while embracing and celebrating diversity! It's an incredible experience to see children who come to La Tierra, as young as three years of age, thrive, grow, and become ready to transition to kindergarten!

La Tierra opened its doors in 1978 originally as a neighborhood elementary school.

Some Improvements Identified

Facility Improvement Plan