Mustangs of the Month

Modern Language Department
Student of the Month: Colin West

Mrs. Miller nominated Colin West. Colin is in her Spanish 2 class. He is a very conscientious and exemplary student. Colin has a lot of character. He is always enthused and interested in learning new material. Colin is a fun person to have around. Self-assured, enthusiastic and with a warmth of personality, he has a rapport with both the students and faculty members and is well respected by all. With great pleasure, I am honored to recommend Colin West the Modern Language Student of the Month.


It was Mrs. Fanelli’s pleasure to have been Ammon’s teacher in the field of Computer Graphics and through the Coastline Regional Occupational Program (ROP). In these classes, my goal is to ignite the artistic passions in my students while teaching them the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Animate. Many of my students continue to work toward these goals but Ammon embraced these classes with unwavering dedication. Ammon is driven and focused on his goals and it is reflected in his excellent projects, which always seemed to exceed the rubric. He has a wonderful portfolio of projects and designed a website to showcase his work. Among his accomplishments are:
 Ammon’s Illustrator design of a “Scanner Darkly” was chosen as an entry for both the Vital Link Arts competition and The OC Art Festival.
 He also won the Dance Poster competition for the end of the year THHS Dance Production, “Dance for a Wish.”
 After entering a district-wide contest “No Tobacco Day,” he came away with first place honors again at both Trabuco Hills High School and at the District finals.
 He was also asked to speak at the Coastline ROP Board Meeting at the end of the year, as a representative of Computer Graphics.
I believe Ammon will be successful in computer graphics – a field which is so competitive today, because he possesses the necessary skills – enthusiasm, expertise in the field, attention to detail and a passion for art.

Visual and Performing Arts Department
Student of the Month: CHIARA RENIERO

Chiara Reniero has been in ceramics for 4 years. She has learned and mastered ceramics through careful research and her diligent planning of designs and techniques. She has won many awards the OC Fairgrounds called Imaginology. She often works through the weekend exploring, developing, and perfecting her projects. She continually strives to better herself at the potter’s wheel and her hand building techniques. She is kind to others and helpful to other classmates who ask for her opinion. Chiara sets a very high bar for herself and others. She was nominated by Mrs. Fait.