Guidance Counselors

Guidance Counselors

Echo Sualua (9-12 grade students, last names A-Fa (and all IB students)
(949) 586-6333 x 236108

Gisela Geller (9-12 grade students, Fe-Kz (and all AVID students))
(949) 586-6333 x 236124

Elisa Felix (Manese) (9-12 grade students, L-Qz)
(949) 586-6333 x 236145

Heather Fecarotta (9-12 grade students, R-Z (and all ECP students))
(949) 586-6333 x 236125


Crystal Perez (9-12 grade students, R-Z (and all ECP students))
(949) 586-6333 x 236125

How do I utilize my Guidance Counselor

Guidance counselors serve a variety of roles on the El Toro campus. Counselors assist students in their planning, both for high school and future aspirations, as well as support students during challenging times where students need someone they can speak to. Counselors also help students to select the best courses to enroll based on their future plans and guide new students to El Toro through the initial admission process.

Family Guide to Making College a Reality

The College Board has provided our students with this great resource, covering very important topics. We hope you get a chance to take a look at this great resource with your student.

  • You Know Your Child Best
  • Talking About Careers Makes It Real
  • Yes, You Can Afford College
  • Six Ways to Help Your Child Be College Ready
  • Encourage Your Child to Reach High
  • What You Need to Know About College Admission Tests
  • A College for Your Child
  • What To Do When—Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior Year
What To Do When—Senior Year

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