High School Courses

High School Academic Courses

  • Algebra 1a/1st Sem
  • Algebra 1a/2nd Sem
  • Algebra 1b/1st Sem
  • Algebra 1b/2nd Sem
  • Business Math/1st Sem
  • Business Math/2nd Sem
  • Earth Science/1st Sem
  • Earth Science/2nd Sem
  • Economics
  • English 1/1st Sem
  • English 1/2nd Sem
  • English 2/1st Sem
  • English 2/2nd Sem
  • English 3/1st Sem
  • English 3/2nd Sem
  • English 4/1st Sem
  • Integrated Science/1st Sem
  • Integrated Science/2nd Sem
  • Life Sci./1st Sem
  • Life Sci./2nd Sem
  • Principles Of Basic Health
  • Us History/1st Sem
  • Us History/2nd Sem
  • High School Online or Independent Study

  • Civics On Line
  • English 1/1st Sem On-line
  • English 1/2nd Sem On-line
  • English 2/1st Sem On-line
  • English 2/2nd Sem On-line
  • English 3/1st Sem On-line
  • English 3/2nd Sem On-line
  • English 4/1st Sem On-line
  • Principles Of Basic Health Online
  • Street Law-1 Crim Law Ord-online
  • Street Law-2 Civil Law - Online
  • World History/1st Sem Online
  • World History/2nd Sem Online
  • Independent Study for Adults Earning a HS Diploma

    The Independent Study Program allows students to work independently on class requirements.

    In this program, students will meet with the instructor Tuesday evenings to go over class assignments and then go home to independently complete the assignments. The following week, students will bring in completed assignments to the instructor and pick up new assignments.

    To enroll in this program contact the Adult Ed Office for more information on fees and eligilbility.

    The Independent Study/Diploma Program Fee is $125 a semester.


    • Ceramics: (8 Sessions) Students will be introduced to clay and its properties, including basic pattern techniques, slab methods, glaze applications, throwing on the potter’s wheel, mosaics, and more.
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